• Why Shop Local?

     Read below for fun facts on the impact of shopping locally.

    68% of money spent stays local

    Small businesses generate $68 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them. Only $43 remains in our community when it’s spent at a national chain.

    $9.3B returned to the economy

    Over $9.3 billion would be directly returned to our economy if every US family spend just $10 a month at a local business.

    99.7% of all employers

    Businesses with fewer then 500 employees account for 99.7% of all US employers.

    250% more in donations

    Small businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to community causes.

    58.9M employees

    Small businesses employ 58.9 million people. Shopping locally employs your neighbors, reducing their carbon footprints as well.

    Consumer preference

    73% of consumers are willing to change their ways to reduce the impact on the environment

    Lower emissions

    Emissions from delivery trucks and personal vehicles is the chief culprit of shopping’s carbon footprint. Growing demand for e-commerce delivery will result in 36% more delivery vehicles in inner cities by 2030, leading to a rise in both emissions and traffic congestion without effective intervention.

    Lower pollution

    Amazon generated 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent last year, about as much pollution as 180 gas-fired power plants might pump out annually.

    Less landfill waste

    20% of online returns end up in landfill because they are unable to be resold by the retailer. In 2019, Amazon produced over 200 million kg of plastic packaging waste, which amounted to over 1.2 billion kg of carbon emissions.

    Greater neighborhood impact

    Local businesses mean a stronger tax base and better use of public services compared to nationally owned stores. This translates into better schools, transportation, and emergency response services for you and your family.